It’s time to put everything in black and white in front of you:

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently put up product listings for group buys for the GMK Monochrome R2 and the GMK Shashin keycap sets, deskmats and in the Shashin’s case, collabs.

We’re delighted to inform you that we are India’s first authorised vendors for GMK keycap sets!

We hope you will be as excited as we are in participating in these group buys and growing the mechanical keyboards scene in India!

Click on the images below to be taken to their respective group-buy links.

GMK Monochrome R2:
GMK Shashin:
GMK Shashin on Fuji65

In completely unrelated news, Krytox 205g0, Krytox 203g0, and Krytox VPF 1514 are now in stock.

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