Thank you for the overwhelming response to our Raeds and Naevies interest check!

We are now opening pre-orders for these switches and you should grab some while you can! Each switch will come in packs of 35, and will be priced at ₹2100/- per pack (which is ₹60/- per switch).

Pre-orders will run till the end of May 14th. All Pre-orders are covered by our Pre-order and Group Buy Policy and protected by our Pre-Order Price Guarantee.

Buy the Raeds.

Buy the Naevies.

NB: The group buy is subject to MOQs for each switch type, and if the MOQs are not reached the GB may be cancelled. To ensure that this GB is successful, spread the love!

UPDATE 15/05/21: Pre-orders for these switches have now been closed.

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