As many of you are aware, India is undergoing a severe second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this, many states have declared partial or complete lockdowns over the past several weeks.

In this ever changing environment and to keep up with the regulations passed during the pandemic, we have decided to clarify how we will be processing your orders.

If your state has not imposed any restrictions on e-commerce or deliveries.

Worry not, we will process your orders ASAP and have them shipped out to you! However, do account for some delays as shipping companies are severely impacted by the restrictions imposed on them on a pan-India basis.

If your state has imposed restrictions on e-commerce or deliveries.

If your state is only allowing the delivery of essential items, we will hold your package after processing the order, to avoid any RTOs. We will dispatch them upon receiving information on the easing of restrictions, or if we receive your explicit instructions on email to ship the packages out.

If you choose to have your package shipped out, please be aware that the courier company may be forced to hold the package in their warehouse until restrictions are eased, or to RTO the shipment to us. You will be responsible for paying any additional shipping fees in case of RTO.

Addendum: Stay Safe!

COVID-19 is a very difficult time for everyone. It is most important that we all do our bit to reduce our impact on the spread of pandemic and create a safe environment.

Please follow all COVID-related safety norms and measures. They are there to keep everyone safe.

We all will get through this, and every action counts!

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