New Gateron Switches

New Gateron switches are now available on StacksKB!

  • Gateron KS3-X1P “Pro Yellow” switchesJust Rs. 18/pc!
    • These are upgraded versions of the highly popular Milky Yellow switches we used to stock earlier. Featuring refreshed molds, an upgraded stem and factory lubrication, these switches promise smoother action and lower wobble than the Milky Yellows that preceded it.
  • Gateron CJ “China Joy” switches Rs. 53/pc
    • Celebrating “China Joy”, China’s largest entertainment expo, these are new POM switches from Gateron which aim to provide an excellent typing experience out of the box. Joining our existing lineup of excellent stock switches such as AEBoards, TTC and Durock switches, the CJs are sure to be a pleasing addition to the collection of a linear switch enthusiast!
  • Gateron Box Black Inks – Rs. 670 per pack of 10, or Rs. 77 for singles
    • These are a longpole variation and upgrade to the venerable Black Ink V2 linear switches. They feature a dustproof stem, which gives them lower wobble and lower dust ingress. Longpole enjoyers are sure to like these switches for their excellent smoothness and early bottoming out.

Sikakeyb Keycaps

We’re offering a whole bunch of new keycaps from Sikakeyb. They’re an incredible value offering because of the features on offer for an incredible price of just Rs. 2199!

  • Rounded keycap top which gives it a retro appearance
  • Keycap height is same as Cherry profile
  • PBT material. Oil-resistant matte textured finish, which doesn’t shine as easily as ABS
  • Double injection molding aka Double-shot keycaps. The legends are molded into the keycaps via a separate injection, which means that they will not fade for the lifetime of the keycaps usage.
  • A large number of supported layouts – the Sikakeyb keycaps feature compatibility with a large number of compact keyboard layouts, up to 75% size.


All Sikakeyb sets have the following kitting:

Sikakeyb Kitting


The following sets are available:

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