UPDATE 01/05/2021: The Group Buy is now open! Buy the Raeds here. Buy the Naevies here.

A team of passionate keyboard designers from Australia!

Earlier, had run a survey on mechanical keyboard and switch preferences of Indian MK hoarders enthusiasts, and we found an overarching trend:

You guys want linear or tactile switches.

So we thought that with our policy of giving you the very best, we should offer you some great switches designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

STACKS is proud to announce that we are partnering with AEBoards to bring their products to Indian enthusiasts!

As a first step, we’re running an interest check on the Raeds and Naevies: two high quality switches which should be on any enthusiast’s go-to list. To put it in ThereminGoat’s words:

“I would use them.”


The Switches:

The Raed Linear Switch

The Raeds

The Raeds are a linear switch with an ~60g activation force.

  • The springs are factory-oiled, 58g.
  • The stems are an ultra-smooth pearl-white Custom Mixed PE
  • The housing is a Panda-derived design made of nylon, and the colour is a deep burgundy red (deeper than this image)
  • The switches are from the R1.5 batch
The Naevy Tactile Switch

The Naevies

The Naevies are a tactile switch with an ~60g activation force.

  • Factory-oiled springs, 58g
  • The pearl-white stems have a bumpy feel, comparable to Cherry MX Clears
  • Stem material is the same smooth custom PE mix found in the Raeds
  • Housing is a deep navy made of nylon
  • Switches are from the R1.5 batch

Participate in our interest check, which will be open till April 30th!

Edit: Pricing will be as close to the international price as possible, but we can’t put a number to it yet given the volatile Rupee situation and volatile shipping costs. We’re pricing them at Rs. 60 per piece, which is Rs. 2100 per pack.

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