We’re quite pleased to inform you that our shipment of KBDFans Laser Pink and other switches announced previously were delivered to our office today. The items arrived safe and sound and passed our general quality controls.

So we’ve opted to open on Saturday tomorrow to process all pending orders which were waiting on these switches. Thank you for all your support!

In other news, as previously announced, our Durock shipment has already reached India and customs processing is well underway. The items we are getting in have already been listed on our store pages, with pricing to follow as soon as we receive all the necessary customs clearances.

We’re also quite excited to announce that TTC has dispatched our shipment of switches and hot-swap sockets! Item listings have already been created on our site, and we hope that we’ll have them available soon!

In more GMK news, we’re excited to announce that the GMK Nimbus and Arabian Sea Group Buys will be running at our store! We’re also running two exciting ePBT sets – the Kavala and the Wapuro. Interest Checks are already up on our store page.

PS – We’re running a discussion on what other KBDFans items you would like to buy on our Discord server. We’d love to hear from you!

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