We’re proud to announce that we are partnering with Rebult Keyboards in their efforts to conserve wildlife in Malaysia by offering you the Harimau and Penyu switches!

These are switches made by JWK, and participants of the Group Buy have collectively committed to providing at least US $1000 from the sales of these switches to WWF Malaysia’s Malaysian Tiger fund and Marine Turtle Fund.

The GB runs from 10th August to 2nd September in India. We are offering them at a price of just Rs. 600 per pack (each pack contains 10 pieces). We expect that the switches will become available to you some time in November or December.

Check out the specifications below!

Harimau Switch Banner
Harimau (Tiger)
Penyu Switch Banner
Penyu (Turtle)

You can buy the switches below.

Please check out the ThereminGoat review of the Harimau switches.

We hope you will join us in these efforts!