StacksKB has partnered with The Right PC to bring the Keycap Buddy Heart deskmats to India!

Check out some pictures below!

These are some really cute and quirky deskmats made using high quality dye-sublimation, and pre-orders close on 9th August 2021.

The price is INR 2500/- and each order will receive free domestic shipping!

Order yours today!

SA Fledgling Group Buy is coming to StacksKB on August 25th!

We’re quite pleased to announce that the SA Fledgling Group Buy will launch on August 25th in India. We’re quite excited to offer you these keycaps!

They are doubleshot SA ABS keycaps made by American manufacturer Signature Plastics.

Check out the pricing below!

SA Fledgling Pricing

Other updates and announcements

We’re well underway on our first two GMK Group-Buys, GMK Monochrome R2 and GMK Shashin, and more exciting projects have been announced or are underway.

  1. We recently announced several group-buys, including:
  2. The creator of ePBT Rin expressed interest in running the set with an Indian vendor, depending on the demand. Fill out the IC form if you’d like to see an India vendor for this set!
  3. The Ergodash keyboard kit procurement is proceeding smoothly! We expect to have them up in-stock, ready-to-buy in August! Stay tuned!
  4. Based on the sales data of the GMK Shashin, we recently announced on our Discord server that the following sets would not receive any extras:
    • Latin Base Kit
    • Spacebar Kit
    • We highly recommend that you join the Group Buy if you want these sets. Remember, extras pricing will always be higher than GB pricing! With only four days remaining, not a lot of time to take that call.
  5. We’ve recently received stock of the Mill-max 7305 and restock of the Mill-max 0305 hot-swap sockets. They will be put up for sale soon. The Mill-max 0305 prices will go up when the old stock is extinguished or at the end of August 2021 (whichever is sooner), so we highly recommend ordering before then!
  6. KBDFans Keyboard Kits and several keycap sets are on the way, and which items are coming have already been announced on our Discord server. A formal announcement will be made when we finally have them in stock!
    • The items that are coming are noted below:
Item CodeItem Name
C0041PBT Dye-Sub Spacebar 6.25U Kit 1
C0042PBT Dye-Sub Spacebar 6.25U Kit 2
JM1075PBT Dye-Sub Spacebar 6.25U Kit 27
JM1070PBT Dye-Sub Spacebar 6.25U Kit 22
JM0651PBT Dye-Sub Spacebar 6.25U Kit 19
DP0151Enjoypbt Sushi Japanese Keycaps
C0022Enjoypbt Blank 117-key keycaps set
DP0231Maxkey Foundation SA Keycap Set Base Kit
C0030Cherry Profile Dye-Sublimated PBT Keyset
SA0005Maxkey SA Blue Coffee Keycaps Set
DP0737KBDFans Stabilizer Foam Sticker
DP0577KBDFans Mechanical Keyboard Spacebar Foam
PCB0005KBD75 Rev 2.0 PCB
DP1492Tofu84 Aluminium Case Black
DP1491Tofu84 Aluminium Case Burgundy
DP1495Tofu84 Aluminium Plate
DP0501KBD75 Case Foam
DP0737KBDFans Stabilizer Foam Sticker
DP0577KBDFans Mechanical Keyboard Spacebar Foam
DP0453KBDFans Module Foam
PCB0030DZ65 RGB V3 Hot Swap RGB PCB
PJ013865% CNC Aluminium Plate
PJ018565% Brass Plate
DP019765% Polycarbonate Plate
DP0226Tofu65 Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard Case
CASE156Tofu65 Aluminium 65% Case Black
CASE0029KBDFans 65% Aluminium Low Profile Case Black
CASE0028KBDFans 65% Aluminium Low Profile Case Blue
DP0500DZ65RGB Case Foam
KBDFans Items List

Pricing will be announced once we have them in hand.

Thank you for stopping by and thanks for all your support!

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