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The Amaterasu Deskmat by Phangkey is now live at StacksKB!

Amaterasu is known in Japanese mythology as the founding goddess-empress of Japan, and is a major deity in the Japanese Shinto religion.

This is a series of incredible deskmats, each tied to some aspect of feudal Japanese culture. Check them out below!

Omatsuri Deskmat

Omatsuri, or festival, represents the people Japan. It is reflected in the dash of colours which reflect a festive atmosphere.

Koshitsu Deskmat

With its regal and serene colours, the Koshitsu deskmat represents the Imperial Household. Japanese mythology holds that the unbroken line of Japanese Emperors have all descended from Amaterasu.

Shinobi Deskmat

The Shinobi deskmat, with its two-tone white and black represents the military history of Japan. The Shinobi, commonly known as ninja today were an integral group of soldiers involved in subterfuge, espionage, stealth and played a significant role in shaping Japan up until the unification under the Tokugawa Shogunate.

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