Novelkeys x Kailh Blueberry Switch

Product Updates

We’re quite pleased to announce that a lot of our upcoming switches have reached India.

These following items have already cleared customs and are expected to reach us this week:

ItemPrice/pc >= 10pcsPrice/pc < 10 pcs
Novelkeys x Kailh Box Pinks3440
TTC Watermelon Milkshakes4957
Kailh Speed Copper2529
Kailh Speed Silver2529
Aliaz Silent Tactile Switches4957
Novelkeys x Kailh Blueberry Switches5867
KBDFans x Mito Laser Pink Switches5867
Gateron Milky Yellows (Restock)2023

Pricing will be updated on the product pages shortly.

Our shipment of Durock items has also landed in India and we expect them to clear customs in the coming days. They will become available for purchase once we have confirmation that the shipment is out of customs.

Quality of Life Improvements – Make your own sampler bundles!

While we have always allowed people to buy switches in individual quantities of one, we’ve found that a lot of people would prefer to be able to order sampler packs. Our search engine logs show that a lot of people type “sampler” in their searches.

In order to make it more convenient to order individual quantities, we have decided to work on a DIY sampler pack system which lets you add multiple items to your cart in one go. We have a rough cut prepared, which we will post on our Discord Server in the coming days for feedback.

Our intention is that in each product page, a list of items that we think belong together will be displayed. You can choose exactly which switch you want from the list, and in how many quantities. The items can then be added to the cart in one go!

While we’re not quite describing it as such, you are absolutely free to use those listings to place bulk orders too! There will be no restrictions on the number of samples you can order, and the tiered pricing system available on individual product pages will continue to function as normal on these orders as well!

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