We’re quite pleased to announce that we have received our shipments of Durock and TTC G Switches, and they are now available for sale.

Durock switches are well noted for consistently high quality, and we have a variety of tactile and linear options to choose from.

TTC switches are new to the Indian market and are designed to be extremely durable with a high standard of manufacturing. They strike an excellent bargain with their high performance, extreme durability and affordable pricing.

We also have a variety of Durock Stabilisers and Durock Switch Films in stock now. Durock switch films are a perfect addition to any switch which has issues with wobbling or noise, and they help increase the tightness of the housing, while also improving the sound of the switch.

We’re also quite pleased to introduce TTC Pokayoke hotswap sockets. These sockets are drop-in replacements for other brands of pad-soldered hotswap sockets and are rated for 2000 swaps, compared to the 100 swaps for other sockets. Additionally, they are also much easier to hand-solder than the other brands, because of their poka yoke (idiot proof) design.

The items that are available now are listed below:

ItemPrice/pc >= 10pcsPrice/pc < 10 pcs
Durock L2 Linear Switch (62g)4957
Durock L3 Linear Switch (65g)4957
Durock L4 Linear Switch (67g)4957
Durock Dolphin Silent Linear Switch (62g)6474
Durock T1 Tactile Switch (67g)4957
Durock Koala Tactile Switch (62g)4957
Durock Medium Tactile Switch (65g)4957
TTC Golden Red V3 Switch3035
TTC Golden Brown V3 Switch3035
TTC Golden Pink Switch3541
TTC Brother (Golden Blue) Switch3541
TTC Bluish White Switch3541
Durock White Plate Mount StabilisersVaries – see product pageVaries – see product page
Durock Smokey V2 Screw-in StabilisersVaries – see product pageVaries – see product page
Durock Clear V2 Screw-in StabilisersVaries – see product pageVaries – see product page
TTC Pokayoke Hotswap Sockets99
Durock Switch Films (Pack of 120)395395

Additionally, we have new keyboard kits from KBDFans coming in soon™, and we’ll be posting more updates on our discord as things arrive.

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