TTC Golden Red V3 Switch

TTC Golden Red V3 Switch

30.00 (Inc. GST)

Harimau and Penyu Switches [In-Stock]

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TTC Brother Switch

TTC Brother (Golden Blue) Switch

35.00 (Inc. GST)

TTC Brother (Golden Blue) Switch

35.00 (Inc. GST)

  • Clicky
  • Operating force: 37±5gf
  • Durability: 100million
  • Pre-travel: 2.2±0.3mm
  • Tactile position: 1.0±0.3mm
  • Total travel: 3.5±0.3mm
  • Leaf spring: Gold contact
  • Terminal: Gold contact
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Clicky fans rejoice! TTC has released the Brother switch in 2021 whose features include an amazing 100 million actuations and lightweight 37g (+/- 5g) springs.

Tech Specs:

TTC Brother Tech Specs

TTC Brother Activation chart

The anatomy of the TTC Brother (Golden Blue) Switch:

TTC Brother Switch Parts

The switch contains dampers which help with bottoming out and provide for a swift and comfortable typing experience!

TTC Brother Switch Damper

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Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 cm

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