Minimal Rings Render
Minimal Rings Deskmat

The Minimal Rings Deskmat by scott_mk Group Buy is now live until October 12th! Check out some photos of the actual prototypes below!

Buy yours today!
M.One x Wuque Studio Ginkgo65

M.One and Wuque Studio have come together to produce the Ginkgo65, a unique gasket mount 65% keyboard which uses leaf spring plates!

Renders and Prototypes of the Ginkgo65

StacksKB will be the India vendor for this awesome keyboard. The Group Buy will run from September 23 to October 10!

Find it here!

AEBoards Restock

Our restock of the AEBoards Raed and Naevy switches has arrived!

Please note that this will be the last batch of R1.5 Raeds and Naevies. Once they’re gone, there will be no more restocks. AEBoards is working on R2 for the switches, and Staebies, a new line of stabilizers from AEBoards.

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Filco accessories are now available! Order yours today!

  1. Keycap pullers
  2. Keycaps
  3. Wrist Rests

Please note that there is strictly one each of the lacquer wrist rest and two each of the wood wrist rests. The lacquer wristrests are handmade by Japanese artisans, using Urushi lacquer and traditional Japanese lacquering techniques, so they will not always be available in stock.

Check them out!

We’re also excited to inform you that the Filco Majestouch Minila-R has received BIS Certification and we’re very close to completing the remaining necessary clearances!

Wuque Studio OA Switches and accessories

Our shipment from Wuque Studio has arrived in India and is undergoing customs clearance. The following items will be available:

  1. Original Aspiration Switches
  2. Original Aspiration Stabilizers
  3. Wuque Titanium Switch Puller
  4. Wuque Mini Bear Switch Opener

We will post updates on our discord as soon as we have them.

Amaterasu Deskmats

We’re into the last week of the Amaterasu Deskmat Group Buy, and the last date to join the GB will be September 18th. Thank you to all of you who have participated to make this a successful Group Buy.

For those of you who haven’t joined in yet, please do so soon!
ePBT Kavala

ePBT Kavala goes live on October 1st to November 1st!

Come check it out!
ePBT Timeless

ePBT Timeless goes live on October 4th to November 1st!

Take a look at the awesome kitting choices on the product page!
Keycap Buddy Heart Deskmats

The Keycap Buddy Deskmats have finished production and have been dispatched by the factory! We hope to have them in stock very soon!

Buy your deskmat here!
Ergodash Keyboard Kit

The Ergodash Keyboard Kit is now available in stock!

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We would like to welcome you all to our Discord server. All our product updates are posted there first. What’s more, you can interact with us in real time! We have a very friendly and helpful community and we look forward to seeing all of you!

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