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The Ergodash DIY kit includes the following components:

  1. Ergodash Rev 1.2 PCBs x2
  2. Acrylic top and bottom plates
    • Top Plates x2
    • Bottom plates:
      • Base plate x2
      • 5mm thickness tenting plate x2
      • 3mm covering plate x2
  3. Fasteners
    • M2 Screws:
      • 5mm x26
      • 12mm x6
    • M2 Hex Standoffs 5mm x16
    • M5 Screws:
      • 16mm x4
      • 20mm x4
      • 30mm x4
    • M5 25mm Hex standoffs x4
    • M5 4mm Hex nuts x4
    • 5.2 x 5mm Polyamide unthreaded spacers x8
  4. Angled Tactile Switches x2
  5. TRRS Audio Jacks x2
  6. Diodes x70

The following additional parts are necessary to complete the build:

  1. Pro Micro x2
  2. TRRS Audio Cable
  3. Up to four PCB-mount stabilizers
    • Please note that the Durock 2U screw-in stabilizers are not compatible with this version of the Ergodash.
    • You can safely mount 2U keycaps to your switches without stabilizers as well, if you so wish.
  4. 66-70 switches
  5. Keycaps

The following optional parts are required for per-key LED lighting:

  1. 66-70 470 ohm resistors
  2. 66-70 2-pin LEDs
  3. 2 1000ohm resistors
  4. 2 IRLML6344TRPbF Transistors

For RGB underglow lighting, the following parts are additionally required:

Please note that the kit supports 1/4 watt and below resistors. Larger resistors will interfere with the acrylic backing plate.

Build Guide is a work in progress. Please follow the Dosssman Build Guide in the mean time, adding the 5mm acrylic space plate below the pro micro and below the big 3mm plate, to prevent the small 3mm plate from bowing.


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