KBDFans Laser and many more switches now in stock, more product updates

We’re quite pleased to inform you that our shipment of KBDFans Laser Pink and other switches announced previously were delivered to our office today. The items arrived safe and sound and passed our general quality controls. So we’ve opted to open on Saturday tomorrow to process all pending orders which were waiting on these switches. […]

Product updates and quality of life improvements

Novelkeys x Kailh Blueberry Switch

Product Updates We’re quite pleased to announce that a lot of our upcoming switches have reached India. These following items have already cleared customs and are expected to reach us this week: Item Price/pc >= 10pcs Price/pc < 10 pcs Novelkeys x Kailh Box Pinks 34 40 TTC Watermelon Milkshakes 49 57 Kailh Speed Copper […]

Stackskb <3 GMK!

It’s time to put everything in black and white in front of you: As you may have noticed, we’ve recently put up product listings for group buys for the GMK Monochrome R2 and the GMK Shashin keycap sets, deskmats and in the Shashin’s case, collabs. We’re delighted to inform you that we are India’s first […]

AEBoards – In-Stock Now!

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve received our shipment of AEBoards switches and parts! The Raeds are an ultra-smooth linear switch with an amazingly deep sound. The Naevies are a well-rounded tactile switch that are a joy to type on. UHWMPE Stems and Top Housings are available for the more exacting switch modders! Use […]

West Bengal Lockdown and fulfillment

Update (24-05-2021): We are able to travel to our office again and are continuing to fulfill orders to locations where deliveries of non-essentials are permitted. Our delivery policy as highlighted in our earlier blog post remains in effect. As you may be aware, a lockdown came into effect in West Bengal starting from the 16th […]

COVID-19 Update (2021-05-10)

As many of you are aware, India is undergoing a severe second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this, many states have declared partial or complete lockdowns over the past several weeks. In this ever changing environment and to keep up with the regulations passed during the pandemic, we have decided to clarify […]