StacksKB is proud to bring to you the Ikki68 Aurora R2 Keyboard Kits in association with Wuque Studio!

If you are new to the Ikki68, welcome! If you’ve previously purchased one, welcome back!


The Ikki68 R2 introduces a new PCB – PCB 05 Bodo which measures only 1.2mm thick and features flex cuts for that special bouncy feel!

Owners of previously released Ikki68s will be pleased to learn that all add-on parts of the Ikki68 R2 are fully compatible with the previous iterations of the Ikki68, and so you are free to customize the keyboards to your liking!

Grab yours today!

Five all-new colourways – including the Aurora Snow which has an Aluminium top case, are available for this Group Buy!

Grab the kits here!

Also available are several accessories! Check them out below!

Grab your add-on plates to customize your keyboard!
Add-on PCBs are available here. Grab one if you need a thicker PCB, per-key LEDs or soldered layouts.
Add-on Aluminium Top Cases can be used to truly customize the look of your R2 or previous Ikki68 releases!
Introducing the brand new Poron Dampening Kit, the add-on accessories can be used to stock up on spare gaskets, a brass weight for added heft, and an extra storage bag if you are so inclined.

Wuque Studio Aurora Stabilizers – New 1.2mm stabs, and Holee Modding made easy

Wuque Studio has created new colour-matched Aurora Stabilizers especially for the Ikki68 Aurora R2. Each set comes with foam pads and tapes for holee modding without the excessive time consumption!.

What’s more, they have also made the 1.2mm stabilizers especially for the new 1.2mm PCBs, as well as other keyboard kits offering a 1.2mm PCB, be it the Mr. Suit keyboard, or Wuque Studio’s very own Ginkgo65, which was a keyboard proudly offered by us.

For R1 owners sticking to their R1 PCBs, or any R2 buyers planning to grab a 1.6mm PCB for that firmer typing experience, Wuque Studio is also offering 1.6mm stabilizers! Or if you just happen to like the colours and wish to use these stabilizers on a different keyboard with a 1.6mm PCB, that’s okay too!

Check out all the Wuque Studio Aurora Stabilizers here!

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