Ikki68 Aurora R2 + Stabilizer bundle [In stock]

  • Kit includes 4+1 1.2mm Aurora Stabilizers in the Fog colourway.
  • Support for this product is provided by Wuque Studio. Please contact Wuque Studio directly for any issues.

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Ikki68 Aurora R2


What’s new in R2?

ikki68r2_whatsnewMore detailed updates can be found on our Reddit IC Post.

With all the new features above, we hope all Aurora users, no matter old or new, can enjoy a great personalized custom typing experience at an affordable price. R2 Accessories and add-ons are compatible with R1.

Aurora R2 Highlights:

  • Variable gasket mount structure. Remove some or all of the gasket chips to change from firm to bouncy. Both Silicone and Poron gaskets are included to fine tune the experience even further!
  • Default PCB (05 – Bodo) for wired version is a hot-swap PCB that supports multiple layouts! This is a very unique feature that lets you use any or all of split L Shift, split R Shift, split Backspace, stepped Caps Lock and ISO Enter, anytime you want. No soldering necessary! Default PCB (06 Iceland) for Wireless version is a Blue Tooth/VIA hotswap that supports splits like Bodo, except space bar. For all PCB specifications, please check PCB table here. Wireless PCBs (Tromso and Iceland) are not available on StacksKB.
  • Default Silicone dampener kits and add-on poron dampener kit can provide different typing feel and sound, so you can test and choose the one you like most.
  • The badges are hot-swappable, meaning you can change them without taking apart the case! There will be a custom badge group buy in March / April 2021 that will offer 10+ custom designs in 4 different colors. You can even get a one of a kind badge made with your custom design!
  • Personalize your Aurora even further with the use of Logo Chips! The little cutout above the right Arrow Key has LEDs underneath. Cut your own design onto a piece of thick paper and put over the hole to see the light shine through. You can even 3D print plastic chips, laser cut other materials as well. The Aurora will come with one Wuque Studio branded chip, and a blank chip to cover the cutout in case you do not want to use it.

Sound and Flex test videos by Shoobs

Kit Content:

  • 1x Ikki68 Aurora top and bottom case
  • 1x PCB05 (Bodo) for wired version (wireless version not available at StacksKB)
  • 1x Hotswap badge set
  • 1x Default PC plate
  • 1x Silicone dampening pad between PCB & plate
  • 1x Silicone dampening pad between PCB & case
  • 1x Silicon Gaskets Set
  • 1x Poron Gaskets Set
  • 1x Keyboard storage case
  • 1x Coiled USB cable (Matches case color)
  • 1x Wuque Studio logo chip, color matched to the plate.
  • 1x blank logo chip color, color matched to the plate.
  • Extra stab washers,screws,diodes,sockets,keyboard feet,hex screwdriver


Alu tops and new PCB, plates are compatible with R1.

We Recommend to use WS Stabs Aurora Series (1.2 mm PCB) for Aurora R2 PCB05 (Bodo) and PCB 06 (Iceland) (PCB06 Iceland not available at StacksKB)


Aurora R2 kits have 1.2 mm PCB by default, WS stabs fit them perfectly, no need for washers or shims. Since PCB05 and PCB06 have more hotswap sockets for various kinds of splits, normal washers or shims won’t sit properly. If you really want to use normal stabs, we suggest you to use threads or other things to lift up stabs like this. Alternatively, you can purchase Aurora Stabs here.


  • Top Case material:
    • Aurora Snow: Aluminum top case
    • Aurora Fog/Blue/Pink/Clear: Polycarbonate top case
  • Bottom case material: Injection molded Polycarbonate for all colorways
  • Default plate material: PC
  • Weight (fully assembled,Alu Top Case, PC bottom case, no optional weight): 830g
  • Weight (fully assembled, full PC case, no optional weight): 720g
  • Optional Alu top case: 200g
  • Optional weight: 320g
  • Case: Frosted PC Top and Bottom case or Alu Top case and PC Bottom case
  • Typing angle: 6.5 degrees
  • Dimensions: 13.6″ x 4.4″
  • Base height: 0.9″ tall without rubber feet

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Aurora Blue, Aurora Clear, Aurora Fog, Aurora Pink, Aurora Snow



Included Accessories

Carrying Case, USB Cable

Form Factor


Mounting Type



Special Features

Custom Keymapping, Hotswap, Multi-Layout, QMK Support, RGB Underglow