Corne Cherry DIY Kit

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Kit for the Corne Cherry v1.3, by foostan. Source available here. Black with HASL-LF finish.

This set contains

  • 1x PCB Set (left and right half of PCB)
  • 2x Top Plates
  • 2x Bottom Plates
  • 10x 8mm Brass Standoffs
  • 20x 5mm screws
  • 2x TRRS Jacks
  • 2x 2-pin SPST Switch
  • 45x SOD-123 Diodes
  • 45x Gateron Hotswap sockets

You will need

  • 2x 5v Pro Micro compatible controller (such as the 0xB2) and headers.
  • Switches
  • Keycaps
  • TRRS Cable

Rubber feet are highly recommended to prevent the screws from scratching your desk.

For OLED (optional) you will need

  • 4x Spacer M2 9mm
  • 8x Screws M2 4mm-5mm
  • OLED module with headers
  • OLED cover cut from acrylic

The kit supports SK6812MINI-E for per-key RGB  and WS2812B for RGB underglow (Not included).