Bakeneko60 v3 Polycarbonate

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The Bakeneko60 v3 made out of Polycarbonate. Available as a case only, or as a kit.


Case Only – A Bakeneko60 v3 case machined out of polycarbonate

Kit –

  • Bakeneko60 v3 case machined out of polycarbonate
  • Glowie60 PCB (fixed layout hotswap PCB with underglow)
  • FR4 Plate with support for screw in stabilizers
  • Red 50A O-ring
  • Universal Daughterboard
  • 4x M2 5mm screws

Please note that keycaps, switches, stabilizers, and USB type-c cable are not included with the kit. There may  be variations in degree of frosting/transparency from the image, which may affect the underglow effect. Our acceptable quality standard applies. The kit comes with no warranty.

PCB layout:

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Kit type

Case only, Full Kit