AEBoards Praxis IM Alice Layout Kit

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⌨️ AEBoards Praxis Injection Moulded Case – A New Standard for Alice Layout Keyboards! ⌨️

Immerse yourself in the next level of typing excellence with the AEBoards Praxis Injection Moulded Kit – a meticulously crafted kit that elevates the standard for Alice layout keyboards. This kit includes an ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Top, ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Bottom, Black Anodized Aluminium Alice Plate, 5x Polycarbonate Staebies, and 4x AE Feet. It features a top mount standard Alice layout, aluminium plate, and offers backwards compatibility with Praxis R1 and R2, ensuring a seamless upgrade for Praxis enthusiasts.

Key Features

1️⃣ ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Top and Bottom: Revel in the beauty of translucent aesthetics. The kit includes an ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Top and Bottom, allowing the subtle glow of your keycaps to shine through.

2️⃣ Black Anodized Aluminium Alice Plate: Experience the tactile and satisfying feel of typing on a Black Anodized Aluminium Alice Plate. The plate provides a sturdy foundation for your switches, ensuring a premium typing experience.

3️⃣ Polycarbonate Staebies: Enhance the visual appeal of your keyboard with 5x Polycarbonate Staebies. These translucent elements add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your Praxis setup.

4️⃣ AE Feet for Stability: The kit comes with 4x AE Feet, providing stability and support for your keyboard. Enjoy a secure typing experience without compromising on style.

5️⃣ QMK and VIA Compatible: Unleash your creativity with QMK and VIA compatibility. Effortlessly customize key functions, macros, and lighting effects to suit your preferences.

🔧 Features and Compatibility 🔧

  • Top mount standard Alice layout
  • Aluminium Plate
  • Backwards compatibility with Praxis R1 and R2 (including case top and case bottom)
  • Alice Layout

Keyboard Kit Includes:

  • ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Top
  • ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Bottom
  • Black Anodised Aluminium Alice Plate
  • 5x Polycarbonate Staebies
  • 4x AE Feet
  • USB Type C Valor PCB (Hotswap)

🔧Installation/Build Note: 🔧

Please note that there are 2 missing mounting holes near the USB port of the PCB. During installation, screw the plate to the top of your Praxis IM / Praxis first, then attach your switches and PCB to the top+plate assembly.

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