Wuque Studio x M•ONE Ginkgo65 Add-on PCBs

  • GB Start: September 23, 2021
  • GB End: October 10, 2021
  • The group buy will close early if the soft limit is reached.
  • Expected Ship Date: We expect to receive the kits in March or April 2022 depending on order quantities. Orders will be shipped out after that.
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The Ginkgo65 ships with a hotswap PCB by default, but you can also buy extra PCBs in hotswap or soldered format.

While the hotswap PCB will support only a single layout, the soldered PCB has a flexible design that allows you to use it with multiple layouts.

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Soldered PCB

Hotswap PCB

PCB Specs:
  • Hot-swap PCB: Single layout. 1.2mm thick, flex cuts.
  • Soldered PCB: Multi-layout. 1.2mm thick, flex cuts. Supports ISO and Split Spacebars
  • QMK/Via Support: Yes
  • Per-key LEDs: 2-pin through-hole
  • ESD Protection: Yes

Multi-layout plates can be used with both hot-swap and solder PCBs.

Fixed layout plates can only be used with hot-swap PCBs, you’ll lose multi-layout capabilities on soldered PCBs

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