Wukds Stay KCA Profile Keycap Set

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The design theme of this keycap is interstellar travel. The main color of the keycap this time is space black, and the tail flame left by the light speed shuttle is used as an embellishment, so that it can be placed in it and shuttle in the endless space.

*Note: This is the keyboard cap, not the keyboard!!!!

*Number of keys : 172

*Height : KCA profile

*Material : PBT DYE-SUB

Thickness of key cap : 1.5mm

Rendering:The rendering picture this time is a height similar to sa, and the height of kca is a little shorter than the rendering picture, and the radian is almost the same
Color: Space Black (Because the process is sublimation, so it cannot be made into pure black, this time the black has a little bit of blue, please see the physical picture)

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Keycap Profile


Keycap Type

Dyesub PBT