Akko Clear Black Keycap Set v2 (ASA Profile)

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V2 of the ASA Clear Keycap Set has removed the reinforcing rib but still be able to maintain the solid structure of the polycarbonate keycap set.

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Akko Clear Black Keycap Set v2

ASA Profile Transparent Keycaps for a Premium RGB Experience;

Polycabonate Keycaps with Printed Characters;

Comes with Mac Modifiers, 1u, 1.75u and 2u shift and Split Spacebars;

Disclaimers: Characters on the ASA Clear keycaps are made through UV printing process with wear-resistant and scratch-resistant tests, and are not easily wiped off. However, large and consistent amounts of hand sweat, oil or chemical composition may still damage the characters. Please also pay attention to fingernail scrapes.

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Printed Polycarbonate