Filco Urushi Silver Keycaps

Filco Urushi Lacquer Keycaps – Silver

1,210.00 (Inc. GST)

Filco Cursor Keys – Mincho (Front-Printed)

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Filco Front Printed Arrow Keys

Filco Urushi Lacquer Keycaps – Galaxy

1,210.00 (Inc. GST)

  • Crafted in Japan by skilled artisans
  • Made of Japanese Urushi Lacquer
  • Basic keycap puller included
  • OEM Profile R1 (Top and 2nd row)
  • Each keycap has a unique pattern – no two keycaps are the same

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Filco Urushi Lacquer Keycaps – Galaxy

A lacquered keycap set exclusively for the Majestouch series. The keycaps are lacquered by skilled Japanese craftsmen. After applying lacquer, fine gold or silver powder of different sizes is sown, and clear lacquer is applied repeatedly to finish.

You can enjoy these keycaps by replacing the stock keycaps in the Filco mechanical keyboard equipped with the CHERRY MX switches and the keys up to the second row on the top. You can also use these keycaps with any other keyboard that uses Cherry MX compatible keycaps.

Since each keycap is hand-patterned, no two keycaps have the same pattern.

Filco Urushi Galaxy Keycaps

A basic key extraction tool is also included, so it can be replaced as soon as it arrives.

About the Filco Urushi Lacquer Keycaps – GalaxyKeycap Puller
  • Hook the simple key extraction tool on the side of the key as shown in the figure and extract it vertically.
  • This product uses lacquer. Since it is thoroughly dried and the lacquer film is hardened, the keycaps are safe to use. However, people with allergies to lacquer should avoid using this product.

Because one keyboard is just not enough.

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