Takoyakeys x Input Universe Takoland Deskmats

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After the successful global launch of the Matsuzuka desk mat, Input Universe and Takoyakeys present their second desk mat collaboration – Takoland!

Takoland combines Takoyakeys’ theme park childhood memories with his newfound passion in adulthood – mechanical keyboards.

Much of Takoyakeys’ life involved an intense pressure to “grow up” quickly, but keyboards managed to resurface his “inner child”… that sense of fun and spontaneity which eventually became the building blocks of Takoyakeys as a brand and personality.

With Takoland, Input Universe captures that vision to a tee. Instead of recoloring the same design with different color palettes, he designed each desk mat to have their own unique details – can you spot them?

In Takoland – Night, a large full moon lights up the theme park with a bluish-white hue, accompanied by the smaller, softer lights coming from the park rides and store windows. Theme parks at night are perfect for people that want to enjoy the rides, but don’t want the crowds.

In Takoland – Day, we see subtle rays of sunlight, vibrant spring colors, and sprawling clouds across a blue sky. On a day like this, Takoland is the place to be!

Takoland – Manga isn’t called manga simply because it’s black and white. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the design incorporates the “halftone” technique – which are the dots responsible for the shading and gradient effects we see in our favorite manga!

Takoland – Mecha is Input Universe’ personal favorite – with many references to both his and Takoyakeys’ favorite Japanese TV shows and anime series. Their sense of nostalgia goes into overdrive when reminiscing about these series and characters that shaped their childhoods.


  • 900 mm x 400 mm x 4 mm
  • “SUPER SMOOTH” cloth top
  • Premium printing process
  • Rubber bottom
  • Color matching stitched edges
  • New cardboard tube packaging protects desk mats from folds/creases
  • Design and Renders by @inputuniverse
  • Design inspiration and feedback: @takoyakeys
  • Manufactured by @zionstudiosph