Filco Macaron Ultrasuede Wrist Rest (Medium)

2,400.00 (Inc. GST)

  • Available in several colours
  • Medium Size (TKL) – 365×80×17mm
  • Thickness – 17mm
  • Made using Ultrasuede® and Urethane Microcell Polymer
  • Made in Japan using the highest quality materials
  • Microcell polymer structure for long lasting comfort and long term durability
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Filco Majestouch Wrist Rest Macaron

Made in Japan using the highest quality materials

Wrist rests are products that come into direct contact with your hands and skin. The materials used are limited to the highest quality and are produced in Japan.

Filco Macaron Rainy Wrist Rest pressingUltimate Texture meets Ultimate Usability – Ultrasuede® x Microcell Polymer

For the top material that comes into direct contact with the hands and skin, we used “Ultrasuede®”, which is soft and soft to the touch, reminiscent of high-quality suede. In addition, microcell polymer sheets with different characteristics are used for the base and bottom to achieve ultimate usability.

What is Ultrasuede®?

High-sensitivity and high-performance material developed by Toray Industries, Inc. using the latest textile technology. It has a reputation for beauty, texture, durability, and maintainability, and has been introduced in various products.

Beauty and durability unique to Ultrasuede®

Ultra Suede® has moderate breathability, so it is hard to get stuffy and has excellent cushioning properties. In addition, its high durability keeps its beautiful color and soft texture.

Microcell Polymer StructureMicrocell Polymer Structure

High energy absorption and low compression residual strain unique to microcell polymers

The microcell polymer of the base part is made of a material with high elasticity and high energy absorption, and the bottom part is made of a material with low adhesion and high grip. The wrist rest is comfortable to use and has moderate elasticity and functionality. In addition, since the compression residual strain is very small, it is resistant to settling and can keep high quality for a long time.

Filco Macaron Colour swatchSeveral sizes and colours available

From the wide variety of colors of Ultrasuede®, we have selected the ones with unique and gentle colors that suit your desk. You can choose according to the interior of the room and your taste.

With a common depth of 80 mm and thickness of 17 mm, we have prepared three types of widths:

  • Large (Full Size) – 445 mm
  • M (TKL) – 365 mm
  • S (Compact) – 305 mm

Choose the one that suits you best according to the height and width of your keyboard and your style of use.

“Ultrasuede®” and「ウルトラスエード®」are registered trademarks of Toray Industries, Inc.

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