Filco Genuine Wood Wrist Rest – American Cherry

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  • Three sizes –
    • Large (Full Size) – 440×81×20mm
    • Medium (TKL) – 360×81×20mm
    • Small (Compact) – 300×81×20mm
  • Thickness – 20mm, with sloping towards palm rest for comfort
  • Made using solid natural American Cherry wood
  • Surface finished with Osmocolour®
  • Made in Japan using the highest quality materials
  • As a natural wood product, the surface grain may differ from piece to piece.
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Filco Genuine Wood Wrist Rest – American Cherry

Filco Genuine Wood Wrist Rest American CherryMade in Japan using solid American Cherry wood!

A wrist rest is a cushion or stand that is placed in front of a computer keyboard and on which the palm of the hand rests when a key is pressed. It helps prevent fatigue and tendonitis caused by long-term keystrokes. Most of the products currently on the market are soft products that use an elastomer as the base, and they are not suitable for high-speed keying due to the large sinking.

The Filco Genuine Wood Wrist Rest made of natural wood is comfortable to the touch, has moderate hardness, and does not sink on resting the palm. In addition, the part where the palm touches has a moderate inclination to reduce the burden on the wrist. It is the best wrist rest for comfortable and high-speed keystrokes.

The material of this product has a unique and beautiful surface, and we have adopted the world-famous American cherry, which is also used for furniture as a high-class wood. American cherries are characterized by a gentle texture with a high-quality feel and a fine and beautiful wood surface.

Filco Genuine Wood Wrist Rest American Cherry

Finished with Osmocolor®

For the surface finish, we use Osmocolor®, a high-quality pollution-free oil paint developed in Germany, which has strict environmental protection standards. It is a paint made from naturally derived materials and does not contain any harmful substances. You can use the wrist rest that you always touch with even more peace of mind. In addition, since the main component is oil, no coating film is formed and it does not become sticky due to sweat, so you can always use it comfortably.

The Osmo oil uses a clear color to take advantage of the texture of American cherries. Furthermore, by performing the work process of applying Osmo oil and polishing three times, it is finished to a smoother and more comfortable feel.


Filco High Performance Urethane Foam and packagingFirmly fixed with cushioning material using high-performance urethane foam

The cushioning material on the bottom has excellent features such as energy absorption, dimensional stability, and non-transferability, and uses high-performance urethane foam with a fine and uniform cell structure. Since the wrist rest and desk surface are firmly fixed, they will not move or shift during keystrokes.

Filco Genuine Wood Wrist Rest sizesThree sizes are available
  • L (Full Size) – 440×81×20mm
  • M (TKL) – 360×81×20mm
  • S (Compacts) – 300×81×20mm

The Filco American Cherry Wrist Rests are of similar dimensions to the Filco Genuine Wood Wrist Rests

Develops a beautiful patina over time

It is said that American Cherry ages faster than other woods, so you can truly enjoy how it develops a beautiful patina unique to natural solid wood.

Care Instructions

For everyday cleaning, a dry wipe is sufficient. If it gets dirty, wipe it off immediately with a tightly wrung cloth.

About the Filco Genuine Wood Wrist Rest

  • Since it is a natural wood, there is no two with exactly the same grain. There may be variations in patterns shades of color.
  • Some warpage may occur depending on the usage environment and aging.
  • Osmocolor® contains naturally derived wax components. There may be some stickiness or odor at the beginning of use. Osmocolor® is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for human use.
  • The characteristics of American cherries include knots, ate (black spots), white thick (light-colored parts), uneven color, and shades of color.

“Osmocolor®” is a registered trademark of Osmo & Edel Co., Ltd.

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