Royal Kludge RK84 V2

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75% Layout (84 Keys): With a clean design language and a simple 80% layout, this keyboard saves you a lot of space while retaining all the essential keys you need.

✔ Triple Connection Modes: Integrated tri-mode connectivity allows you to connect the keyboard with your devices in wired, wireless (2.4GHz), or Bluetooth modes (Up to 3 devices).

✔ Per-Key RGB Lighting: 14 backlit modes can be easily turned on and switched between each other according to your mood. Lighting brightness and speed adjustment is supported.

✔ Hot Swappable PCB: The PCB is compatible with mainstream 3-pin and 5-pin switches (north facing). Plug and play, no soldering required.

✔ Full-Key Anti-Ghosting: This feature, also known as N-key rollover, ensures that all simultaneously pressed keys are registered correctly. It can avoid missing keystrokes and significantly improve your gaming performance.

✔ High-Capacity Battery: The built-in 3750mAh rechargeable lithium battery can last up to 200 hours on a single charge when the backlight is off, and the charging time is only about 6-7 hours.

✔ 3 USB Ports: In addition to the USB-C charging port, it integrates 2 additional USB-A ports to charge your external devices such as mobile phones or game controllers.

✔ Dual Foam Dampeners: It comes with case and PCB foam dampeners that effectively reduce typing noise and improve acoustics.

✔ Removable Magnetic Stands: These two rubber stands can raise or lower the keyboard height and adjust its tilt slightly. This provides more options for your various needs.

✔ Detachable USB-C Cable: The included USB-C cable is detachable, so you can choose to use your own custom cable, such as a coiled cable.

✔ Removable Frame: The frame around the keyboard can be removed to provide an open switch design while offering better RGB lighting.

✔ Wide Compatibility: The keyboard is compatible with various devices such as PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet and PS5, and multiple operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and IOS.

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