FILCO Majestouch 3 TKL KOBO Edition

15,999.00 (Inc. GST)

Free Urushi Lacquer Keycaps With Every Purchase!

Keycap layout for representation only. Keyboard will be shipped in ANSI layout. Wrist rests sold separately.

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FILCO Majestouch 3 TKL KOBO Edition

What are FILCO Keyboard KOBO cases?

Filco KOBO cases are unique artisanal keyboard cases made in Japan. Each keyboard case is lacquered with the world famous urushi lacquer by Japanese artisans at the FILCO Studio.

Each keyboard is semi-made-to-order where the customer chooses their keyboard by combining the exclusive original frames and their choice of keyswitches. After receiving your order, we assemble the keyboard and deliver it to you.

Every keyboard is unique.

Urushi Lacquer cases take a really long time to make and have very limited availability. Patterns are created by hand on each lacquered keyboard, and no two keyboards have the same pattern.


  • Galaxy Gold – After applying navy blue lacquer, fine gold powder of different sizes is sprinkled, and transparent lacquer is layered to create a pattern. The pattern of flowing gold powder that shines in deep navy blue enough to be sucked in is finished like the galaxy that colors the night sky. By combining it with the wrist rest, you can enjoy a more unified pattern.
  • Shibuki Red – This is a lacquer finished product which is one of the Japanese traditional works. Apply Vermillion colored lacquer on a base and pattern is drawn with a special brush in red, black and gold lacquers. Each frame is all handmade and every pattern has a different taste.
  • Each keyboard case is patterned by hand. Units received by customer will show variation in pattern from the representative images.
  • Each keyboard is built to order. All sales are final once the keyboard has been built. Keyboards are non-returnable.
  • As each keyboard needs to be built before dispatch, there will be an additional day’s lead time from our usual lead times.
  • Keyboards will be built with ANSI layout, not JIS layout.

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Case Colour

Galaxy Blue, Galaxy Gold, Shibuki Black, Shibuki Red, Sikkoku Black, Starry Sky


Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Silent Red