VTK KBT:Re 65% Barebones Keyboard

10,499.00 (Inc. GST)

Keycaps shown in the image are for illustration purposes only. Keycaps are not included with the keyboard.



The KBT:Re, a tri-mode wireless keyboard inspired by the IBM PCjr! Available in both 65 and 68 key layouts!

– Triple Mode (Wired/Bluetooth 5.1/2.4GHz)
– Programmable  via GUi
– N-Key Rollover
– ANSI Layout
– Gasket Mount Structure
– FR-4 Switch Mounting Plate
– Hot-Swap PCB ( 3 Pin And 5 Pin Supportable)
– Silicone Dampening Pad
– PCB Mount Stabilizers
– USB Type-C Connectivity

– Battery life is about 1 week under typical use.

Note: AAA Batteries x 2 Required (1.5V)

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66 Key, 68 Key