Mochi40 DIY Keyboard Soldered Kit Group Buy

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GB Dates: 1st June to 30th June.

ETA: September-November 2022

Soldered Version. Hotswap version can be purchased here. The soldered PCB requires the microcontroller, rotary encoder, and reset buttons to be soldered.

The following components are included in the kit:

  • 1 x Aluminum Case (Cerakoted)
  • 1 x PCB (Soldered)
  • 1 x Electronics Kit
  • 1 x Mounting Kit
  • 1 x OLED (choice of 32×128 and 64×128)
  • 1 x Microcontroller (Elite-C Only)
  • 1 x IMA Screen Cover
  • 1 x Case Foam

This keyboard can be assembled plateless. To assemble it with a plate, please purchase one using this link.

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Mochi40 DIY Keyboard Kit

The Mochi40 is a Canadian made burger mounted 40% keyboard that pays a strong homage to the unproduced Whimsy. With a wide variety of colors, improved layout options, official Nice!Nano support, and an optional hotswap PCB, the Mochi40 has everything you could hope for!

Please look at the real life images of colour samples for an accurate depiction of the colour.

Please note that soldering is required for all versions of this keyboard. The hotswap PCB requires the microcontroller, rotary encoder, and reset buttons to be soldered. The solder PCB requires all that the hotswap does as well as the diodes and switches.

Product Specifications

  • Manufactured by
  • Cerakoted Aluminum 6061
  • Hotswap only Layout 1
  • Via Support (Elite-C Only)
  • Multiple OLED size options (128×64 or 128×32)
  • Final Solder Mask will be Black with white silk screen

Quality Expectations


  1. No chips / deep scratches anywhere on the case that is visible once built.
  2. No minor scratches longer than 5mm and thicker than 1mm on the case that is visible once built.
  3. No blemishes larger than 1mm x 1mm on the case that are visible once built.
  4. No missing or thin coating on the case that is visible once built.
  5. No entirely missing coating on the internals of the case (some portions of the internals of the case are going to have thinner coating due to the restrictions of the coating process).

Microcontrollers & OLEDs

  1. All microcontrollers are able to be flashed.
  2. There are no visibly missing parts on any microcontroller.
  3. OLEDs display when put into a known working testing rig.

Acrylic Screen Cover

  1. No scratches larger than 1mm by 1mm
  2. Part is fully in-tact without cracks/missing parts


  1. PCBs will be fully electrically tested by the supplier (PCBWay).
  2. No missing or torn hotswap sockets (for hotswap PCB)

All other parts will be visibly inspected for any breakages that would render them non-functional (cracks in plates, buttons not pressing, rotary encoder not spinning). Additionally, in the soldered kit more diodes than required will be included. All hardware kits will include 1-2 extras of each part.