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ePBT Rin Deskmats Group Buy

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GB Dates: March 11 2022 to April 11

ETA: Q1 2023

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ePBT Rin Deskmats

♫And it’s a long way forward, so trust in me~♫

Group Buy: March 11 2022 to April 11

Welcome to the IC post for my very first set, ePBT Rin!
Everything you are about to see started a few months back with a Blender template, a Reddit post and a dream (✿◠‿◠)~♡

The Inspiration

This set was inspired by the colours of the main character of an anime-style music video, for one of my favourite songs (Shelter), by two of my favourite artists (Porter Robinson & Madeon)!

I wanted the set to capture her hair, dress and room with the light & dark pink alphas and mods, while the accent of blue captures the pale, empty sky that usually surrounds her. This is my first set, but I really wanted to make sure I do the inspiration justice and create something for anyone who is a fan of the character, song, artist or just the colours themselves.
P.S. Porter fans will know that today is a very special day, so I wanted to post my IC today in honour of Nurture’s release!

I am open to all kinds of feedback and will make changes and adjustments based on what I get in the Interest Check Form, so I would really appreciate it if you had some time to fill it out ^-^


Accompanied by ePBT Rin Keycaps

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