AEON Gaming Striker Stack Gasket Mount 75% Keyboard

6,499.00 (Inc. GST)

1. 82-key + multi-media control

2. Pudding PBT double shot keycap

3. Compatible with Cherry MX and clones

4. RGB per key backlighting

5. Hot-swappable

6. Internal sound dampening foam

7. Case material: ABS

8. Detachable USB-C cable

9. Assembled in Taiwan

10. Software Available Here: STRIKER AG-82H

11. 1 Year Warranty

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From AEON Gaming comes the Striker, a 75% keyboard with a knob.

If you often use a laptop for work and gaming, the AG (AEON GAMING) STRIKER is perfect for you, it has a layout similar to laptop keyboard, which allows you to quickly get started without getting used to the keyboard.

The board features multi-layered stacked foam and pre-lubricated stabilizers that minimizes any rattle and make leads to a deep satisfying sound typing.

It comes built in with a wide variety of RGB lighting effects and with excellent PBT double shot
pudding translucent keycaps to make the lighting even more stunning. STRIKER will embellish your battle station.

Since it has hot-swap sockets, you can start with the already decked-out defaults, or change your favorite switch at any time.

With the multi-media control knob, you can adjust the volume at any time when watching or listening

STRIKER also supports dual platforms, making it easy to swap between macOS and Windows.



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