TTC Pokayoke Hotswap Sockets V2 (10000 cycles)

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The very best hotswap sockets for hotswap PCB designs, now made even better with increased durability!


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The only hotswap sockets you will ever need, now even better! Pokayoke (JP: ポカヨケ), meaning idiot-proof, is how TTC describes these sockets.

They are the ultimate combination of durability and ease of use.

  1. They are rated for 10000 cycles, compared to the previous model’s 2000 cycles, and completely outclassing competitors with 100 cycles. Feel free to swap switches as much as you’d like.
  2. They will never obstruct the switch mounting holes. You can rotate the socket 180 degrees and they’ll work!
  3. The sockets have a larger soldering area, increased by 30% compared to the other vendors. Expect an even more durable and easy soldering job compared to other sockets.
  4. New! This generation of TTC Pokayoke Sockets features revised lettering so that symmetry is maintained regardless of socket orientation!

What isn’t there to like?

Simply clever engineering!

NB: TTC hotswap sockets must be used with PCBs specifically designed for hotswap sockets from TTC or any other compatible brand like Kailh or Gateron.

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