La Muerte Deskmats In-stock

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Another amazing deskmat by the folks at Phangkey!

GB Dates: 17th of December 2021 – 6th of February 2022


  • Inspired by the Mexican Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival
  • Dimensions: 900x400x4mm
  • Cloth Top, Rubber Bottom
  • Waterproof
  • Edge-stitched
  • Three colours – El Brasa (Silver on Black), El Dorado (Gold on Black), La Ofrenda (multi-colour on Black)
  • Real samples photographs in the gallery.
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La Muerte Deskmats

By Phangkey

Have you ever lost someone you really loved, adore,
you can’t even forget, and you may continue to grieve and grieve when they are gone,
because their existence while they were alive means a lot to our hearts and minds.

but you know that maybe those who have left don’t want us to continue to be sad when remembering them,
instead of mourning when remembering them,
on the contrary those who have left may want us to be happy for those who have left to be happy there,
they may want to we just remember them in happy times so that their departure does not bring bad or sad things,
instead their departure at least brings happy news and brings a happy atmosphere to those left behind.

La Muerte was inspired by the Mexican “dia de los muertos”, the background of the Day of the Dead is interesting enough that it led us to realize this project,
where we commemorate the death of the family left behind not by grieving continuously but remembering funny things about them, so that they too are happy there.