Filco Urushi Lacquered Wrist Rest – Akebono-nuri

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  • Three sizes –
    • Large (Full Size) – 440×81×20mm
    • Medium (TKL) – 360×81×20mm
    • Small (Compacts) – 300×81×20mm
  • Thickness – 20mm, with sloping towards palm rest for comfort
  • Handcrafted in Japan by skilled artisans
  • Made using solid natural wood
  • Lacquer finished with vermilion base and black top coat, with togidashi finish to expose the vermilion base.
  • The vermilion colour’s visibility changes for a true wabisabi effect
  • Each wrist rest is handmade, and the pattern is unique from piece to piece.
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Filco Urushi Lacquered Wrist Rest – Akebono-nuri

Handcrafted in Japan by skilled artisans.

A wrist rest is a cushion or stand that is placed in front of a computer keyboard and on which the palm of the hand rests when a key is pressed. It helps prevent fatigue and tendonitis caused by long-term keystrokes. Most of the products currently on the market are soft products that use an elastomer as the base, and they are not suitable for high-speed keying due to the large sinking.

This product is a lacquered product of the natural wood wrist rest “FILCO Genuine Wood Wrist Rest”. Each one is made by hand, and in the case of the Galaxy / Starry Sky series, each product has a unique pattern. Similar to “FILCO Genuine Wood Wrist Rest”, a cushioning material made of high-performance urethane foam is included.

We applied vermilion to the base and black to the top coat, and used a technique unique to lacquer called togidashi or “sharpening” to expose the vermilion base to the surface. It is said that the name comes from the impression that light shines from the darkness like dawn. This product, which has been carefully finished one by one by skilled craftsmen, has a beautiful vermilion color that can be seen and hidden from the black color, and you can feel wabi-sabi.Filco Urushi Lacquer Wrist Rest Akebono Nuri

Since each item is hand-patterned, every wrist rest is unique.

Filco High Performance Urethane Foam and packagingIncludes high-performance urethane foam

The cushioning material on the bottom has excellent features such as energy absorption, dimensional stability, and non-transferability, and uses high-performance urethane foam with a fine and uniform cell structure. Since the wrist rest and desk surface are firmly fixed, they will not move or shift during keystrokes.

Filco Urushi Lacquer Wrist Rest Akebono NuriThree sizes are available
  • L (Full Size) – 440×81×20mm
  • M (TKLs) – 360×81×20mm
  • S (Compacts) – 300×81×20mm

The Filco lacquer wrist rests are the same dimensions as the Filco Genuine Wood Wrist Rests, with a lacquered finish.

About the Filco Urushi Lacquered Wrist Rest – Akebono-nuri

  • Some warpage may occur depending on the usage environment and aging.
  • Since natural wood is used, there is no one with the same grain. Some products have wood grain, straight grain, and knots. There may be individual differences and some warpage may occur.
  • This product uses lacquer. Since it is thoroughly dried and the lacquer film is hardened, the wrist rest is safe to use. However, people with allergies to lacquer should avoid using this product.
  • Since each craftsman makes each one by hand, the same pattern does not exist. Please note that the pattern of the delivered product may differ from the image.
  • A set of non-slip cushion “PORON” 4mm type is included in a the  box. (The included “PORON” is a 4mm type that is ideal for the FILCO Majestouch series.)
  • Colours on the product may vary slightly from your monitor because of differences in colour representation between displays and photographs.

“PORON®” is a registered trademark of Rogers INOAC Corporation.

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