FILCO Majestouch Xacro M10SP Split Mechanical Keyboard

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FILCO Majestouch Xacro M10SP

Happy Cutomizable Ergonomic Keyboard!

Majestouch Xacro M10SP is a 70% programmable split ergo keyboard. You can type with your shoulders and arms place wide, or narrow  at your preference. This keyboard supports both hardware and software Macros. The hardware Macro function makes it easy to change key layout and set key programs by simply plugging in a keyboard to PC. You can use a dedicated software FILCO Assist to program the keyboard! Create macros, text whatever you like on FILCO Assist and drag & drop what you have created. That’s all you have to do.
On layer function, in addition to the basic keyboard layouts, you can register three of your own created layouts.

This is just a perfect keyboard for those who have interests in macro functions or customizable keyboard but do not have enough confidence to make a start for the first time. You can customize at your preference easily and it brings you a better keyboard experience!


70% programmable split ergo keyboard

Majestouch Xacro M10SP is a 70% programmable split ergo keyboard. You can type with your shoulders and arms placed wide or narrow at your preference. This is a compact keyboard yet it works just like Full-sized keyboard by using FN key combination.

Basic customization is easy with DIP switch operation

DIP switches are used to switch between frequently used “ESC ⇔ E/J” and “Caps Lock ⇔ Left Ctrl”, as well as position settings for FN and specialized keys. Using Majestouch Xacro series dedicated software “FILCO Assist”, you can check the DIP switch status and layout diagram on the HOME screen.

Easy setting of specialized key layout by switching DIP switch!

By operating DIP switches 1 and 2, in addition to the basic QWERTY layout, the Dvorak layout, Colemak, and Mac-style layout arranged by our company can be used.
* Changing to specialized layout by DIP switch operation is applied to all layers 1 to 4.

Supports hardware macro programming

With hardware macro programming, you can easily change key codes and program key input patterns simply by operating the keyboard connected to your PC.

Supports software macro programming

By using the dedicated software “FILCO Assist” for the Majestouch Xacro series, you can create and save macros and texts while viewing the computer monitor. You can easily set just by dragging and dropping the created texts and macros onto the keyboard diagram on the software.
* English or Japanese are selectable for “FILCO Assist”.
* “FILCO Assist” is for Windows only.

“FILCO Assist” can be downloaded from below. []

Easy access to dedicated macro keys

The keyboard comes with 10 macro keys, 5 on each side, along the middle partition. You can easily access with your index finger and thumb. You can setup keycode and macro with hardware setting function and software macro setting function.

Up to 8 profiles can be saved on the software

Up to 8 profiles can be saved on the software. Even if you want to save more than 8 profiles, you can save them to your PC, and you can easily reconfigure them by simply loading them into the software.

High-spec keyboard with 4 roles in 1 by switching layers

In the layer function, 3 original profiles created by the user can be set for layers 2 to 4. When switching layers, the color of the upper right RGB LED changes, so you can instantly check the layer status.
* Layer 1 (basic layer) cannot register key codes or macros for keys other than M1 to M10.

Using PBT keycaps

PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) resin, which has excellent wear resistance and electrical properties, is used for the keycap material.

The one and only choice that emphasizes reliability! Adopt CHERRY MX switches from CHERRY, Germany

“Majestouch Xacro M10SP” uses highly reliable CHERRY MX switches. CHERRY MX switch was developed in Germany in 1983 and is the one and only keyboard switch that has been in production for many years with repeated improvements. In the Majestouch series, the switch terminals are firmly soldered to the through-holes of the FR-4 board, so no need to worry about contact failure of the switch terminals like hot-swap type boards, or damage to the switch or board due to insertion/removal of the switch. In addition to the brown, blue, and red switches, lineup includes a model with quiet red switch and a model. You can choose the one that suits your needs and tastes.


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