Filco Majestouch Lumi S Tenkeyless (TKL, 87 keys ANSI)

12,499.00 (Inc. GST)

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  • One year warranty
  • Cherry MX switches
  • Special edition glow in the dark top case
  • TKL Size – 87 keys, US ANSI layout
  • Double shot PBT Keycaps, two-tone grey/black with green legends
  • Includes media/Fn keys
  • Includes Keycap Puller and extra keycaps for customisation
  • Includes USB to PS/2 adapter
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FILCO Majestouch Lumi S Tenkeyless

The Next Generation FILCO Mechanical Keyboard with glow in the dark keycaps!

Fully updated model retaining the classic design!

The Majestouch Lumi S adds a spooky splash to the original FILCO mechanical keyboard case design with CHERRY MX switches, but has been reborn as the latest specification keyboard! The all-new Majestouch Lumi S comes with USB 2.0 and full N-key rollover support, with a completely new PCB and microprocessor.

Upgraded keycaps!

Equipped with PBT two-colour molded keycaps that faithfully reproduce the fonts used in the Majestouch series. PBT resin is more durable than ABS resin used for Majestouch 2 Tenkeyless. In addition, unlike printing, characters do not disappear. The FILCO Majestouch Lumi S is a keyboard that you can use for a long time.

Media functions!

The FILCO Majestouch Lumi S Tenkeyless comes equipped with media keys that function by pressing the FN key. Operations such as volume adjustment, mute and media playback control are possible without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Updated case color and texture

The FILCO Majestouch Lumi S Tenkeyless with a new matte black coating that is used for the black upper case of the standard model. The calm appearance of the keyboard will make your desk more chic.

Cherry MX Red Switch :

Cherry MX red has got the same feature of Cherry MX black switch.

They are linear type which makes no clicking sounds. Spring pressure is only up to 45g so that it provides you a smooth light typing feel!

Cherry MX Brown Switch:

A tactile switch, there is a very soft bump as you reach the actuation point. With the light pressure spring, it makes typing action easy, fast and stress free. A long key stroke of 4mm and the contact point at 2mm between the key strokes.

With this keyboard, you don’t need any other pretentious keyboards!

Double-injection PBT Keycaps!

The Filco Majestouch Lumi S Edition Tenkeyless features double-injection PBT keycaps.

PBT is a high grade plastic material which is known for its wear-resistant properties. It does not acquire a shine and does not retain oil as easily as normal keycaps.

Double injection on the legends ensures that they do not fade, even after many decades of use!

Glow in the dark case!

This special edition of the Majestouch features a case that glows in the dark!

Compatibility with USB and PS/2

A USB cable is connected to the keyboard. Plug&Play is available on each Windows system.

A PS/2 interface is also available to use with the PS/2 Conversion Adapter included in the package.


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Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red

Form Factor


Included Accessories

Extra Keycaps, Keycap Puller, PS/2 Adapter

Keycap Profile


Keycap Type

Doubleshot PBT



Special Features

Glow In The Dark, Media Keys