FILCO ColorKeyPuller Keycap Puller

500.00 (Inc. GST)

  • Special edition Keycap Pullers from FILCO based on the FKP01
  • Designs based on desserts and drinks popular in Japan
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FILCO ColorKeyPuller

Special Edition! The new FILCO ColorKeyPuller comes with handle designs inspired by popular desserts!

Keycap extraction tool that can smoothly pull out keycaps without damage!

The FILCO KeyPuller is a professional keycap extraction tool created at the same site as our keyboards. It prevents scratches when pulling out the key, and can hold up to 3 pulled out keycaps, reducing the risk of losing them.

A pull-out tool that is indispensable for maintenance of mechanical or membrane keyboards.

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Gelato, Kompeito, Watame, Ramune