Akko Psittacus (Japanese Hiragana) ASA Profile Keycap Set

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The Akko Psittacus Hiragana Keycap Set (158-Key) – ASA Profile

Manufactured with the Akko ASA profile, this keycap set is designed to fit different layouts of mechanical keyboards with unique color scheme of gray accents against black backdrops.

Made through PBT double-shot process, these keys are resistant to friction, fading, and shining with crisp legends. The black and Red(hiragana) set has upgraded texture patterns from the last generation so that the texture on the keycaps are deep and firm.

The keycap set comes out with a standard ANSI layout and large keycaps (especially spacebar) may not fit with some keyboard base with non-standard layouts. We recommend Cherry-style stabilizers for plug-and-play installation. Mod may be required for other types of stabilizers for large keys.