AEBoards Naevy R1.5 Tactile Switch (Singles)

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  • Nylon Bottom, PC Top
  • Stem: MPE Tactile Stem – Custom Mixed PE – A proprietary MPE blend that enables smoothness and good shrinking rates
  • 58g spring
  • 3 pin

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These switches are similar to Cherry MX Clears, but with an extended pole and slightly raised bump.

The feel can be described having a well-rounded medium tactility, and smooth low-friction stem motion.

They are made with a custom mixed PE stem material proprietary to AEBoards and factory oiled springs.


Tactile Stem:

MX Clear-like bump with extended pole
  • Bottoms out a little bit earlier and moves the bump to mid/mid-top.
  • These stems have a different bump to halo stems and don’t feel like Holy Pandas.
  • This stem mold is owned by AEBoards


Currently in Custom Mixed PE (MPE):
  • UHMWPE is one of the smoothest plastics however this material suffers from shrinkage rates. Our solution was to create a MPE that enables us to get smoothness and good shrinking rates.

Previously in POM and UHMWPE
  • POM stems are the default material that come with the built switch. These have a great sound and the plastic is great due to its high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.
  • UHMWPE is one of the smoothest plastics around due to its very low coefficient of friction and self-lubrication. However this material suffers from shrinkage rates, meaning they are slightly shorter than the POM stem. In our bags we give you more stems in case you need to replace non-perfect ones.


Pearlescent White


Panda derivative

Pandas have become synonymous with “tactile”, and for the most part, most tactile builds will have this style of housing.


R1.5: Nylon Bottom, Polycarbonate Top


Aegis Navy

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Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 cm

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