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  • Akko ACR TOP 75 Acrylic (White)

    12,499.00 (Inc. GST)

    Akko ACR TOP 75 Acrylic (White) Note: This keyboard comes completely un-assembled. Top Mount Barebone Kit; Brass Plate (plate files will be available) Akko double-shot TPU plate mount stabilizer (supports screw-in stabilizer); South-facing PCBa; Akko 5-pin Hotswap Socket; Case foam is moulded; Backlit RGB (Acrylic version only – backlit was removed on aluminum version to…

  • Akko MOD 006

    15,899.00 (Inc. GST)

    Akko MOD 006 MOD006 has the same specification as MOD007v2 but the knob has been replaced by a screw-in customizable badge. The character “寅” on the default badge means the Year of Tiger. The badge is fully interchangeable and can be removed to gain an extra switch slot. 3D print file for the badge is…

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