VTK M0110A and M0110-1800 DIY Kit Pre-order

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Pre-orders run until the 15th of January 2024. Estimated Delivery in September 2024.

Doesn’t include cable, stabilizers, switches and keycaps.


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🔸 Compatible with cross-system open-source software QMK and VIA (V.3.0) for key customization

🔸 1.6mm non-flex cut PCB.

🔸 Compatible with PCB-mounted stabilizers and hot swappable switches (3-pin and 5-pin)

🔸 FR4 mounting plate

🔸 Gasket mount structure

🔸 Wired connection only (Type-C interface)

🔸 Equipped with IXPE switch pad, poron plate foam, poron case foam and PET sound-absorbing pad.

🔸 Supports split backspace, stepped Caps Lock, and standard ANSI layout

(Does not support standard Tsangan layout)

🔸 Caps Lock and Num Lock indicator LEDs


– Aluminum bottom and top case *1

– FR4 plate *1

– Stainless bottom cover plate *1

– Hot-swappable PCB *1

– Daughter board *1

– Foam set (Poron plate foam/case foam, IXPE switch pad and PET pad) *1

– Screw set *1

– Rubber Feet set *1

– Gasket set *1

– Carrying case*1


Typing degree:

7 degrees

Product Weight:

1787 g ± 0.5 (Without switches/keycaps)


39.9 (L) x 13.1 (W) x 1.5 (H) cm ± 0.3 (Front Height)

39.9 (L) x 13.1 (W) x 3.0 (H) cm ± 0.3

CNC & E-Coating

Made in Taiwan

CNC manufacturing method with sand blasting surface treatment then coated in E-creamy color

ANSI & ISO Share The Same PCB and FR4 Plate

Layout interchangeable for user’s own preference during assembling

Gasket Mount

Provides a better typing experience even with hard aluminum case

Supports PCB Mount Stabilizer

PCB Mount Stabilizers offer improved typing consistency and reduced key rattle, enhancing the overall typing experience


M0110A and M0110A-1800 models are designed with a shared PCB and mounting plate to accommodate both ANSI and ISO configurations.

Users have the flexibility to reprogram the layout through open-source software.

M0110A and M0110A-1800 models share a common set of files, including the bin file (QMK firmware) and JSON file, as they are developed based on the PID of M0110A.

The applicable VIA version for both models is V3, the latest version. Therefore, before uploading the JSON file, please ensure not to enable the compatibility with the v2 feature (Use V2 definitions).

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M0110A, M0110A-1800

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