Omni 40% ortholinear PCB Prototype Extras

2,499.00 (Inc. GST)

Comes with no warranties and may have fit issues with your case. Read description.


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Extra prototype PCBs for the OMNI. Provided without warranties of any kind.

Major caveats with this prototype include:

  • Screw holes cannot be reached in a straight forward fashion with M2 pan head screws available on the site after the PCB has been soldered.
  • LED strip may interfere with certain cases when soldered, such as the PCRack case
  • LED strip needs to be insulated from MCU cluster to ensure proper functionality. Do not use a WS2812B LED strip without insulated backing.
  • Improper alignment of the PCB may render the USB port unreachable/make it hard to plug in securely.

Supported layouts:

Note: Both encoders are wired to the same pins on the MCU. Dual encoder is not supported. Firmware source code available here: