Filco Cursor Keys – Mincho (Front-Printed)

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  • OEM Profile
  • Replace your cursor keys with these keycaps
  • Compatible with all Cherry MX-style switches
  • Front-printed Kanji (Mincho Style) for Front, Back, Left, Right


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Filco Cursor Keys – Mincho (Front-Printed)

A keycap set that can be replaced with the cursor keys on a FILCO mechanical keyboard equipped with a CHERRY MX switch (excluding Low Profile).

“Front, back, left, right” is printed in Kanji (Mincho style) on the front of the key. The design is suitable for the Majestouch BLACK and Majestouch NINJA series with front printing, but it is a keycap set that will be a one-point accent when used with other Majestouch series.

Also compatible with any other keyboard using Cherry MX style switches.

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