Cherry Blossomx Deskmats [In Stock]

  • Dimensions: 900x400x4

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Cherry Blossomx Deskmats

Another awesome deskmat by Bobasweatandtears!

I shamelessly wanted to do a Sakura design deskmat, which is pretty popular, however possibly overdone, so thought this would be a cool twist. Inspired by Wintheart’s sticker art of Sakurios, I hope this has some interest. There’s a lot of lovely pink and flower themed keycap sets, and thought this would be a cute geeky nod to our hobby and fit someone’s setup.

Yozakura (Night Sakura) is to complement my love for Rose Gold keycap sets like GMK Olivia & JTK Night Sakura.
Fuji (Wisteria) is a reference to Lavender switches, which I personally think are one of the loveliest looking switches.
Fuyu (Winter), because baby blue flowers are beautiful. Penguin switches too.
Sumi-e (Black ink) is a shout-out to Gateron Ink Black switches, the previous classic standard for great sounding linear switches
Anzu (Apricot) is a nod to Holy Pandas, the most hyped custom MX switch… so much history and drama for what started as a frankenswitch.
Ume (Plum) is a tribute to Gateron Yellow switches, my first linear love on a budget.
Ao (Blue) for OA linear switches

Yes, I considered the greatest of all time switch, MX Browns, and yes, it looked like doo-doo

I hesitated on posting this given I do have another deskmat IC called Sol running, but this is simply a check to see if this idea is worth pursuing to fruition, and what colourways are preferred. I’d also like to kickstart getting prototypes earlier too (and don’t want to waste money for samples on colourways no one likes), as shipping does tend to take a bit of time.