Ergodash PCB Unit (Set of 2)

1,000.00 (Inc. GST)
Ergodash PCB Unit
Soyuz PCB - Front

[B-Stock] Soyuz PCB

200.00 (Inc. GST)

[B-Stock] Soyuz PCB

200.00 (Inc. GST)

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Soyuz Numpad PCBs, designed by Ai03.

Please note that this is the PCB only. To build this you will need to buy the following parts separately:

  1. 20 1N4148 Diodes
  2. 4 M2 standoffs, 12-15mm
  3. 8 M2 screws
  4. 1 Pro Micro or other compatible controller
  5. 17-20 Cherry MX style switches
  6. 0-3 Stablilzers
  7. 6mm*6mm tactile switch/reset button.
  8. Keycaps

Rubber feet are highly recommended, to prevent the screws from scratching your table.

Please note that the solder mask is not applied properly to these boards, and is occasionally missing over traces. These should be functional, and the manufacturer has suggested that you use an oil based marker pen to patch the areas. The traces themselves are all present on the boards.

We will not accept any returns of this product. Please carefully check the images for the kind of defects these items have before ordering. 

These can be used either for soldering practice, or as frame for testing key switches.

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Because one keyboard is just not enough.


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