AEBoards UHMWPE Panda Tops (Pack of 100)

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These are new UHMWPE Panda tops designed by AEBoards for the switch modding enthusiast.

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UHMWPE Panda housing designed by AEBoards.

The original Pandas were custom switches made by marrying together parts from different vendors. Now you can make your own Pandas too!

They are made of the community-favourite UHMWPE material, which is noted for its ultra-smooth glide and deep sound.

The housing is made using a new mold, and is designed to not deform when a switch puller is used.

Customise your (MX-compatible) switches with these housing and build yourself an amazing typing experience.

Each pack contains 100 housings, perfect for you to experiment with a variety of switches before you find just the right one!

We recommend using these with Tactile Switches. They don’t work well on linears.

Please note that these are not compatible with Kailh box switches, only with Cherry MX style.

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