Vortex Multix TKL Barebones + Staebies Bundle

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Vortex Multix TKL Barebones
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Vortex Multix TKL (Barebones)

A brand new TKL-sized keyboard by Vortex! This is an accessible yet customizable TKL sized keyboard!

Designed for Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts

Vortex keyboards are well established as one of the leading mainstream keyboard manufacturers who have focused exclusively on producing enthusiast-grade keyboards. As with their other class-leading offerings, the new Multix TKL establishes the benchmark that modern keyboards aspire to, while maintaining an affordable price. Steeped in tradition, and carefully designed with enthusiast-grade features in mind the Multix TKL is designed for pure typing pleasure.


  • TKL Size
  • Multi-layout PCB
  • Onboard macros and layers
  • Hot-swappable
  • Two moulded silicone dampeners for the Case and the PCB-plate assembly
  • Screw-in stabilizers, factory lubricated
  • O-ring tray mount
  • Plate with folded edges to even out the flex
  • Detachable USB-C connector
  • Connector mounted on daughterboard

Barebones Edition

The Multix TKL Barebones excludes the keycaps and switches from the pre-built version, allowing you to customize the keyboard with switches and keycaps of your choice.

Tailor-made silicone dampeners

Vortex has thoughtfully added two silicone dampeners, both custom-designed for the case and the PCB. The dampeners serve to reduce hollowness, improve keyboard heft and tune the sound. No need to open up your keyboard to add some custom case foam!




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Special Features

Multi-Layout, Onboard Macros


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